Lines go around the entirety of Costco in Tijuana looking for bread and desserts

These bread rolls are in high demand

Christmas dinner has an endless number of dishes that are made by families which vary in preparation time and types; they are usually served with bread which is sold at several different stores and in Tijuana there is a specific place where people go to get it.

Costco in Tijuana is one of the most popular stores during this holiday season due to their famous bread rolls and desserts. Though many people buy them ahead of time, as it gets closer to Christmas, the store ends up filling up due to the number of people doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Saturday, December 24, also known as Christmas Eve, is one of the busiest days at Costco and internet users have shared on the Facebook group called “Cómo está la Línea en Costco” that there are people who have been in line since 5 AM.

Until 9 AM, the line to get into Costco Zona Río circled around the building; it should be noted that bread rolls are not the only foods that are being requested, as people are also asking for desserts such as chocolate flan, cheesecake, and cakes. On this same group, a picture was shared where one can see that the bread line reached way beyond the parking lot.

Rocio Murilla
Rocio Murilla

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