White New Year is forecasted for Big Bear, California

Do you want to enjoy some snow? Big Bear will be soon covered in snow

Photo by: Pie de Foto Big Bear Lake Villa

The bad thing about rain is that some cities like Tijuana become chaotic, however, sometimes rain gives us some beautiful, white-covered landscapes. Some of people’s favorite landscapes are located in Julian and Big Bear, both in California.

If you want to see snow, the next few days will be ideal for you, as there is snow forecasted for Julian and Big Bear, as well as other mountainous areas. This means that these places will be covered in white to welcome 2023.

According to forecasts by Meteored, starting on Saturday and Sunday, there will be snow and very freezing temperatures in Big Bear during the New Year weekend; the minimum temperature will be -8°C (18°F) and the maximum will be 8°C (46°F).

Big Bear Lake Village
Big Bear Lake Village

In addition, it will snow on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday which means that it is expected that the following weekend is covered in snow. As there are no rain or snowfall probabilities, it is the ideal day to visit the Big Bear Lake village.

Now you know, if you want to enjoy snow, prepare yourself for the next weekend, but don’t forget to keep your eyes open for meteorological updates to prevent any setbacks.

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