Marina del Pilar works in coordination with society for the safety of Baja California

She emphasized that productive sector representatives have maintained open dialogue with the state administration

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, led a meeting with the business sector of the city of Tijuana in order to support the joint efforts between the state government and society against organized crime in order to keep communities safe.

At the meeting, the state governor pointed out that she will continue to communicate with the business sector of Baja California, as that is the way in which people’s goals will be achieved with the main one being working for peace in each Baja Californian community.

Marina del Pilar highlighted that, during her term as state governor, businesses have certainty that they will be able to participate in relevant issues such as security and new investments.

“I am committed to encourage and protecting investments. We offer our support to the productive sector, and that is why Baja California is one of the states with the greatest economic recovery after the pandemic,” she stated.

The state governor recalled that one of her first actions as governor was to create the Secretariat of Citizen Security, proposed under a new security approach that looks to handle above all the causes of violence so that young people can develop away from risk scenarios.

At this meeting, General Leopoldo Tizoc Aguilar Durán, the Secretary of Citizen Security, was present who presented the priorities of his administration to Tijuana native business leaders. These priorities are focused on strengthening the security strategy statewide, which are carried out in coordination with federal forces and municipal police.

The governor also attended, as a guest, the inauguration of the Megacable Center of Operations in the city of Tijuana, which will improve connectivity with San Felipe and San Quintin, as part of an inclusive policy for all people.

She explained that this business expansion will create 1,100 new jobs, will have an investment of 900 million pesos, and will install more than 3,000 kilometers of optical fiber.

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