“La Guerrerense” in Ensenada is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Mexico

It was awarded with a plaque during a formal dinner

Photo by: La Guerrerense Facebook & Culinaria Mexicana

Baja Californian gastronomy is one of the most varied in the country, with an endless number of incredible dishes and restaurants that represent us nationally and internationally. On this occasion, restaurant “La Guerrerense” has been awarded and recognized as one of the greatest restaurants in Mexico.

This award is given by Culinaria Mexicana, a gastronomic portal in Mexico that creates a yearly guide called “Guía México Gastronómico: los 250 restaurantes de 2023 Culinaria Mexicana” (Mexican Gastronomic Guide: The 250 Best Restaurants of Mexican Cuisine in 2023) and it is published by Larousse Cocina. The award ceremony took place in Acapulco during a formal dinner.

When speaking about “La Guerrerense”, the Director of Culinaria Mexicana, Claudio Poblete, described it as “Mexico’s most famous seafood cart”. This cart is handled by Sabina Bandera, a renowned chef who is looking to maintain her family’s legacy by making dishes for locals and tourists who visit every day. This award is not only for their seafood and tostadas, but also the iconic salsas that are served with their dishes.

Sabina thanked her “children”, which is how she calls her clients, for their support throughout the years and claims that she was able to win this award thanks to them; she did this through a photograph and the phrase “This is thanks to you, my children”.

These restaurants are chosen by 60 great celebrities in the gastronomic community of Mexico. It should be noted that other restaurants of the region were also in this list such as Jazamango, Finca Altozano, restaurant Animalón, and Caesar´s; in addition, Tijuana native chef Javier Plascencia was named “Chef of the Year”.

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