Zoo director in Mexico killed and cooked four Pygmy goats

These animals were served to zoo employees during the winter holidays

Photo by: Solo para ilustrar / tomadas de Internet

The Director of Zoológico de Zoochilpan, José Nava, was fired after sordid irregularities were discovered regarding the management of this institution. He was not only selling and exchanging animals, but he also ate some of the zoo’s animals.

An example of this is that he killed and cooked four Pygmy goats for Christmas; these animals were served to zoo’s employees for the winter holidays.

This is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous for the health of the employees as these animals are not suitable for human consumption.

Investigations regarding José Nava started when a deer that had been recently rescued was reported as dead. However, the animal reappeared later without horns. Similar irregularities with other animals have been reported.

Some of these irregularities (without specifying which ones) have been reported regarding animals such as Barbary sheep, jaguarundis, reptiles, coyotes, falcons, goats, and other birds.

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