Beautiful bighorn sheep are photographed at Big Bear Lake in California

They are common in this area of California

Photo by: Patty E.

Baja Californians love seeing bighorn sheep as they are emblematic animals from this region. Unfortunately, only on certain occasions are these beautiful animals able to be seen; it is even rarer to be able to take pictures of them or film them.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there are also mountainous areas in California where these animals live; for them, borders do not exist. This means that the chances of sighting them increases because one can also see them in California.

Patty E.
Patty E.

“I finally saw them,” a person sharing this photography stated. Other users also shared their pictures as they had also seen them on the highway: “I saw this guy on Highway 38, going up to the Forest Falls highway,” one said when sharing this photo:

On the Facebook group Big Bear Lake, the user shared that yesterday (February 9, 2023) she had the chance of meeting these incredible animals while walking among rocks and the mountainous area. Users hadn’t been able to catch any sighting of them since November, which is why this post was quite successful.

David E. (November 2023 )
David E. (November 2023 )

According to Big Bear Properties, bighorn sheep are not new in the area. However, one has to watch closely, as they are hard to spot because they mix in with their habitat. They have been seen for years in the mountain slopes on Highway 18 between Big Bear City and Lucerne Valley.

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