6 women defied the pandemic and together started a successful business in Tijuana

Promoting beauty naturally is the goal that gave birth to this project

When she began her project as a hairstylist in 2017, while also doing manicure and pedicure, Elvira Campos never imagined that she would soon open one of the most important and complete spas in the city.

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Elvira came to Tijuana during a sabbatical year dreaming of having a place where people could relax and find themselves. Promoting beauty naturally is the goal that gave birth to Italo Wellness Tecno Spa.

Elvira said:

We were motivated by the search of these changes that make us feel empowered and better with our appearance and our emotions. When they look different, people feel different. Working from inside is the perfect harmony between mind and body towards a great transformation.

The premises are a three-story house adapted with several units and rest areas perfectly decorated where you can breathe in an environment full of peace. This magical atmosphere complements itself with peaceful music, scents, and courtesy drinks, while clients tour the facilities wearing robes and sandals, enjoying every service.

We use several sounds such as water, air, and birds. This helps to enhance calmness or, sometimes after a long day, some people want silence. A lot of people after listening to the music begin to relax and concentrate on their breathing. This helps to release accumulated tension.

Made up of a group of 6 therapists and a team committed to handle their clients’ needs, Italo Wellness Tecno Spa started to expand, seeing areas of opportunity and the demands in different specialties regarding personal care.

We had haircuts, but then people said: “Prepare my skin for makeup” and then we had to do a facial. If people were tense, they needed a massage, and that’s where we found ways to grow. After a while, a partner joined the project and then she recommended a friend of hers. Seeing their work, we started to work together because people kept asking for more.

Massages with hot stones and quartz, vichy baths, sauna, hot tubs, exfoliation, wrapping, facials, wood therapy, and relaxing massages to relieve contractures will help the visitor to clear themselves from the outside world. In addition, there’s kind and personalized assistance that will result in a notable difference with the desired result.

Clients come here not precisely for the massage but to talk, disconnect, and talk about the things they do every day. Here you will find that kind of silent therapist that will listen to you so that you can release it all.

The founder emphasized the effort of the women who work with her, their great experience, and the constant work that they do, as all of that has opened several doors. However, they faced off against great challenges to continue forward.

The pandemic was very chaotic for all of us. Centers that focused on wellbeing entered into a sort of decay because people were scared. That’s why we promoted more open spaces and constant sanitation. In addition, we had separate schedules so that clients wouldn’t meet each other. Knowing that there was a certainty they wouldn’t be infected made them trust us.

Elvira Campos states that, due to several unfortunate events such as the loss of family and friends during this time, a lot of people started to come to the spa with a lot of nostalgia. Here they found a center where they could unload their sadness and emotions, recovering little by little.

Hard situations, depending on the person, sometimes make us crumble or make us stronger. So finding yourself is the same as empowering yourself, giving yourself worth, and an infinite joy.

Differentiating themselves from other spas in the region, Italo Wellness Tecno Spa also has a high gamma device to sculpt shapes and reduce sizes, and rejuvenate skin and face in a non-invasive manner, with all necessary certifications.

We provide lipocontouring and facial liposuction. We delineate waist, lower back, legs, and love handles with radiofrequency equipment that eliminates unwanted localized fat and fatty adipose. It is aesthetic liposuction. The device won’t do all the work, as it goes hand in hand with a good diet and exercise. This will help you to reach your goal of a more athletic and defined body much quicker.

To conclude, they told us what the Italo Wellness Tecno Spa experience is like.

You arrive at this place, take off your shoes, use comfortable sandals and a robe. You go to your treatment area. You can drink tea, a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine if the time is right and you get placed in a comfortable room. When you leave, you leave behind kilos of stress, tiredness and you feel renewed.

Italo Wellness Tecno Spa has special promotions. Tuesdays are 2-for-1 on massages and Thursdays are 2-for-1 on facials.

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