The Marina del Pilar administration strengthens relations between the federal government and the productive sector of Baja California

Marina del Pilar met with the Secretary of Economy of the Government of Mexico

The Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar held a meeting with the head of the Secretariat of Economy of the Government of Mexico, Raquel Buenrostro, in order to strengthen the creation of jobs and productivity in Baja California.

At this meeting, which took place in Mexico City, the governor proposed, alongside entrepreneurs and federal authorities, a series of mechanisms to make stimulus processes and support of Baja Californian businesses much more efficient, so as to promote investment and the creation of jobs in the state.

“For our government, it is essential to have the permanent support of all businesspeople to promote the development of our state. We are a land with great productive vocation and with the support from the government of Mexico and our President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, we will continue to be,” the state governor said.

At this meeting Pro Vino representatives were present, with whom the Law to Promote the Winemaking Industry regulation was signed so that the process can continue. In addition, specific issues regarding wine production were addressed with the Secretariat of Tax Administration (SAT).

Representatives of the Baja Californian maquiladora industry also attended this event who addressed issues related to new rules regarding foreign trade, the improvement of time periods regarding processes response, and the unification of criteria to review requests by entrepreneurs.

With the Association of Tijuana-Tecate Customs Agents, there was a review of the Official Mexican Norms regarding commercial information labeling, in order to work to develop a procedure that allows for greater transparency and efficiency regarding foreign trade processes carried out in Baja Californian land.

National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) representatives were also present and they made proposals to strengthen local commerce, increasing the competitive advantages of the border between Mexico and the United States.

For their part, the National Chamber of the Fishing and Aquaculture Industries (CANAINPESCA) made specific requests to speed up processes that they submit to the government of Mexico, so as to improve the quality of life of people who live by extracting and trading sea products.

At this meeting the following people were present: Mauricio Cantú, president of Provino of Baja California; Julián Palombo, president of the National Chamber of Commerce of Tijuana; Pedro Montejo Peterson, president of INDEX Zona Costa; Adolfo Ayala Bejarano, president of the Association of Tijuana-Tecate Customs Agents; and Minerva Pérez Castro, CANAINPESCA advisor.

Representing the government of Baja California, the following people were present: Secretary of Economy and Innovation of Baja California, Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales; Subsecretary of Economic Promotion, Michelle Guerrero Jaimes; and the Director of Competitivity and Regulatory Improvement, Francisco Verduzco Ortiz.

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