Road to Big Bear in California has been closed to tourists

So far, only people residing in the area are allowed through

Big Bear in California is one of the most famous destinations for snow fans. Though it is a few hours away from the border, for many this trip is worth it due to its beautiful landscapes. However, snow can sometimes fall in great quantities, making it difficult for visitors and residents to access this area.

The recent snowstorm that hit the region in the weekend filled yards at Big Bear with several inches of snow, to the point that some entrances, streets, and doors were blocked by it. Some residents were not able to get out of their homes.


As part of aid operations, the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) cleared a large part of the road towards the mountain during the night. However, in order to give way to trucks providing food, these accesses will be closed so that they can successfully get to Big Bear without any incidents.

CALTRANS shared a statement where they tell residents that requested food providing trucks to go to the base of Rt. 18 to Lucerne Valley at the Mitsubishi Cement Plant today as soon possible. They will be escorted up the mountain; this action will be carried out in both ways of the road which will be closed to make sure the road is safe.

They added that reaching the top of the mountain will take between 5 to 6 hours, which is why there has been no estimated time for when the highway will open again. It should be noted that these actions were shared on several Facebook groups of the area, where they claim that only Big Bear residents are being given access which has to be proven with an ID; visitors are being turned back.

Internet users claim that the Walgreens in the mountain is not open because workers are not able to go up, affecting those who need medications.

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