Tijuana natives creates “TJ Meal” app to order food while waiting in line at the San Ysidro port of entry

The app is designed for all those who cross through the San Ysidro port of entry into the United States and want to eat something tasty

The border crossing has always been a slow and tired process that wastes a lot of hours of our time. It is normal that after a few minutes and hours of waiting, we get hungry and then buy something from the stands close by such as a burrito or a snack. To satiate our hunger, there is a quick solution: the TJ Meal app that assists people who find themselves in the middle of crossing the border.

The TJ Meal app has been designed to assist all the residents in the city of Tijuana who are trying to cross into the United States and wish to eat something tasty while waiting in line. The app service is available 24/7.

This app’s menu is divided into categories. For example, the Lunch category has a classic sandwich, ciabatta, or eggwich. There’s also a Muffin & More section, which includes a series of desserts from chocolate chip cookies to cinnamon donuts and chocolate muffins. If the client wishes to they can select the Sabritas category and pick up some Ruffles, Rancheritos, Doritos, or original Sabritas, among other drinks or snacks.

To get the products to your car, it is necessary to allow the app to access your location in real time. Payment method can be cash or debit or credit cards. The prices are shown in the app in dollars, but the user can change the option to Mexican pesos, if they so desire. It should be noted that the exchange rate in the app is 20 pesos per dollar, despite the fluctuations of the Mexican peso.

It should also be noted that this app was designed by 26-year-old Sergio Ramírez, a Tijuana native who graduated from Instituto Tecnológico in the city. This is an original app created in Tijuana, which started operations in October 2019.

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