Tijuana needs citizen participation to solve its social problems: David Guakil

“Citizen participation is necessary to solve society’s problems,” highlighted Tijuana native politician and businessman, David Saul Guakil

After Hotel Ibis became the first place to affiliate to the Program Against Human Trafficking, Tijuana native politician and businessman David Saúl Guakil, who leads Grupo Cosmopolitan, stated that citizen participation is necessary to solve society’s problems.

“I have always said that we cannot complain if we don’t participate,” he, who is also a national delegate of the Movimiento Ciudadano political party in Baja California, highlighted. He pointed out that if we support each other in the issues that affect our communities, we can solve all problems, including crime which, when it comes to human trafficking, mainly affects women and children.

David Guakil
David Guakil

The “Aquí somos aliados contra la trata” (Here We Are Allies Against Human Trafficking) campaign is a program launched by the Viva México movement that will be applied nationally and consists on putting stickers alluding to this issue in hotel and motel lobbies. Above all, staff will be trained to detect human trafficking cases and report them to the authorities.

Guakil pointed out that even though his motto is to highlight the good things about cities, we cannot deny that problems do exist, but it is much more productive to work on a solution and that is why it is very important to join efforts with all communities and authorities.

He said that crime is a very sensitive problem, especially when the victims are from vulnerable sectors. In this case, society must support and participate in every action that helps to aid this fight and “that is what we are doing as entrepreneurs of the hotel industry.”


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