Beautiful meeting! Bighorn sheep photographed in Big Bear Lake, California

“I saw them, I finally saw them!” said the person who took these pictures

Photo by: Marie A. (Big Bear Facebook)

It is natural for Baja Californians to love bighorn sheep sightings as they are an emblematic animal of our region. It is also very difficult to find them and clear pictures or films of them are not precisely numerous.

These animals are common in the mountainous areas of Baja California, but what a lot of people don’t know is that they can also be found in the mountains of California, especially in the Big Bear Lake area. On this occasion, a Facebook user wrote the following:

Yes, yes, yes! I saw them, I finally saw them! I was driving to Hisperia 45 minutes ago and there they were. I’m sorry, my phone’s camera is horrible but I have a couple of pictures. The big one stood there as if he was saying, Come at me, bro! I’m so excited!
Marie A.
Marie A.
Marie A.
Marie A.

This happened on Monday while she was driving through the area. It should be noted that on the Big Bear Lake Facebook page, other sightings have been recorded with clearer images.

According to website, Big Bear Properties , bighorn sheep are not new to the area. However, you have to be consciously looking for them, as they are difficult to spot because they mix in with the surroundings. They have been seen on the mountainsides of the Highway 18 exit between Big Bear City and Lucerne Valley.

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