Tacos in a can? Tijuana native taqueria launches canned version of their famous chicharron in green salsa

Clients have been quite happy and impressed by this innovative product

Photo by: La Cocina de la Nana & Tacos Aarón on Facebook

Tijuana has a wide variety of taquerias across the city with an even greater variety when it comes to the tacos they sell. However, there are businesses that stand out way above others; an example of this is Tacos Aarón, which has food trucks all around the city.

This Tijuana native business is known for its varied tacos which serves several classic stews such as milanesa, stuffed pepper, or chicken, and more unusual ones, such as birria tacos. However, no matter who you ask, one of their most famous and requested stews is their chicharron in green salsa.

Due to their fame, this taqueria has decided to extend their reach by launching this famous chicharron in green salsa in a can. This product has been named “Chicha Aarrón” and can be bought in several distribution centers, as well as their food trucks, in the city.

La Cocina de la Nana
La Cocina de la Nana

With this launch, people will be able to enjoy this product in their homes in whatever amount they wish. It should be noted that both frequent clients and users have shown excitement and joy at knowing that they will be able to buy “the best chicharron in the world”, while also saying this is one of the best things that Tacos Aarón could have done.

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