Too expensive! Rent prices in Tijuana increased in the first quarter of 2023

Prices range between $5 and $7 dollars per square meter

Rent prices in Tijuana have been a topic of debate in the last few years and in 2023, this issue doesn’t seem to be improving. According to the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, it is estimated that rent prices in the city have increased between 10% and 20% compared to 2022.

According to this association, the areas with the highest prices are El Centro, Río, Colonia Madero, and Gabilondo. Price increases could have a significant impact in the region’s economy, especially for those looking for an affordable home in a peaceful area of the city.

However, despite these price increases, American citizens living in Tijuana continue to have the advantage. Unlike other nearby cities, such as San Diego, rent prices in Tijuana are still relatively low.

According to newspaper El Financiero, the average rent price in cities such as Tijuana, Mexico, Ciudad Juárez, Mexicali, and Monterrey was between $5 and $7 dollars pr square meter in the first trimester of the year.

This situation in Tijuana is not unique, as rent prices in Mexico have been increasing in the last few years. According to the global housing price index by Knight Frank, Mexico has experienced an increase of 35.6% in housing prices since 2015.

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