Valle de Guadalupe is the most hospitable place in Mexico: Booking

On the newest episode of Baja Window to the South, several emblematic places of Baja were visited

Photo by: Josué Michel

In the latest episode of Baja Window to the South, our hosts not only discovered some of the most emblematic places of Baja California, but they also spoke with some people who make of this region an unparalleled tourist destination for those who are looking for adventure, art, and gastronomy.

Valle de Guadalupe was one of the highlights of this episode. This valley is known for making some of the most delicious wines in the region and, according to online travel agency Booking, it is Baja California’s most hospitable place. Besides wine, the valley offers a great variety of gastronomic options and beautiful places to spend the night.

Our hosts also had the opportunity to speak with Tere Rique, general director of Ópera en Tijuana, a non-profit civil organization that has been active for 23 years. Ópera en Tijuana is a meeting point for all kinds of disciplines, from singing to dancing. They will organize the program “Romanticismo Latino”, where amazing musicians will participate. This event will take place at Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT), and attendants will be able to enjoy dinner with live music.

Gastronomy was also an important topic on this episode. Our hosts visited Chef Martín San Román, who made a delicious European pizza for the show. The pizza looked absolutely delicious and viewers are able to see how this pizza begins to take shape while Chef San Román narrates his actions.

In Mexicali, our hosts tasted craft beer at Cerveza Artesanal Pintito. Craft beer has become a phenomenon in Baja California in the last few years, and Mexicali is renowned for having a great variety of craft beer breweries, each one with its own style and distinctive flavor. The owner of Pintito stated that his goal was to take craft beer to the next level and create unique and innovative flavors.

Lastly, if you love desserts, La Postrería located at Plaza Península, is a place you must visit in Baja California. Chef Jesús Escalera is the one in charge of creating these delicious desserts that, according to Scott Koenig, are truly beautiful.

In addition, Olga Sánchez de la Vega spoke with Carlos Castrejón about Proyecto Paisano, whose goal is to gather artists from both sides of the Baja California and California border. This project is an example of how culture and art can make people come together and overcome geographic and political barriers.

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