Facebook will pay 800 million dollars to users who opened accounts between 2007 and 2020

The amount paid by Facebook is quite significant

Facebook will need to pay 800 million dollars to users who opened accounts between 2007 and 2020, as a result of a class action lawsuit regarding privacy violations. Users who wish to get these benefits must issue a claim before next August.

The lawsuit began in 2018 after Facebook revealed that it had incorrectly let the information of 87 million users be shared to political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. This incident caused great controversy and resulted in the privacy policies of companies to be observed more closely.

To issue a claim, Facebook users must visit the website FacebookPrivacySettlement and enter their name, address, email address, and confirm that they lived in the United States and were active on this social media platform during these previously mentioned dates.

It should be noted that that thisonly applies to people who lived in US territory during this time period, as they are the only ones eligible to receive the benefits of this class action lawsuit. This excludes any other person, regardless of any other circumstances or factors.

Though the money paid by Facebook is significant, some critics say that it is not enough to adequately compensate affected users. The company has also been criticized for its management of privacy and security of users’ data in the past, which is why a greater regulation of the tech sector has been requested.

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