Save money on gas: PROFECO identifies the 3 most expensive brands in Mexico

Consumers can now avoid going to these gas stations due to their high prices

The head of the Federal Consumer Agency (PROFECO), Ricardo Sheffield, presented this morning a price analysis of car fuel in his section "Quién es Quién", where he revealed which are brands with the highest prices. According to data gathered last week, the most expensive brands when it comes to regular gas were Chevron, Redco, and Akron.

Sheffield mentioned that the most expensive gas station for regular gas was a Mobil station in Cancun, Quintana Roo, with a public price of $24.29 pesos per liter, which is unusual as they usually have good prices.

Regarding premium gas, the most expensive gas station was Oxxo Gas in Monterrey, Nuevo León, with a public price of $26.19 pesos. Regarding diesel, the most expensive gas station was Valero in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, with a public price of $25.18 pesos.

With this information, consumers can avoid going to stations with high prices and choose the gas station brands with the most favorable prices for their wallet.

In addition, the app Litro por Litro by Profeco allows users to report gas stations that are not giving full liters or charging more than they should; you can also check the best establishments where you can get gas by clicking here.

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