Adriana Reid: Reprogramming human software to achieve personal, work, and social wellness

The author recently published her book where she offers a guide for the emotional reestablishment of the individual

Expert in human and professional development, writer Adriana Reid recently published a guide to promote the wellness and productivity in companies, as she considers that the industry sector can benefit by a total approach of corporate wellness where everybody wins.

This guide titled “Decoding Corporate Wellness and Performance Through Human Software Reprogramming” contains a comprehensive approach whose mission is to build a sustainable, prosperous, and high-performing workforce through corporate wellness. The writer deeply believes that the members of a corporate society have ignored the needs of their main tool: the workforce.

The performance of an employee can be determined by the incidents that have marked their life and many times, the writer mentions, we are not conscious of the limitations caused by certain childhood traumas which impact our adult lives in such a way that they influence our decisions.

It is common to associate the word trauma with extremely sad or painful events that subconsciously affect our present. Any incident can be sharp enough so that it can make an impact in ourselves and modify our days.

The feeling of abandonment, rejection, a breakup, our first death experience, a sunset experienced at a difficult time can be enough to change our life. It is also common, and even dangerous, to ignore that we are governed by these pains.

These issues have been the focus of the work of emotional coach, Adriana Reid, in her recently published book titled “Decoding Corporate Wellness and Performance Through Human Software Reprogramming” which was released on April 21, 2023. Aware of the individuality of every human being, and especially of the importance of developing oneself as an individual being, Adriana doesn’t offer answers, but a guide so that every reader can find them themselves.

This book is, firstly, a guide for workspaces, but it is also true that it is also directed at the common reader, who has lived through the experiences of time. The reader will find a series of analogies for a better comprehension of this guide. Companies and wellness can easily be the business issue that speaks about the relation between those who give the orders and those who follow them; it can also be the balance between the thoughts of our generation and the company and its components and our body.

The guide was written from the perspective that every organization can benefit from a complete corporate wellness approach, starting firstly with personal development and then reaching social and professional development.

At the same time, she accompanies the reader step by step through the reconstruction of an individual who’s capable of creating and productively add something, the creation of a sustainable project based on wellness and performance.

The writer is convinced every person is capable of remaking their life. The best example is, perhaps, herself and her book is a reflection of the meditations and answers that she had to reach. Adriana had to face disillusionment all her life, the solitude of arriving in a different country and a different language. Time, however, little by little eroded all of that that Adriana was able to let go off so that she could reach the point where she is now. Her determination is reflected on her Be2Be project, which consists of corporate psychological assistance and coaching, but it can be applied to anyone who needs to hear her words.

Adriana Reid has lost it all and rebuilt it. She has been a pilgrim in her country and in the United States and herself. But in this pilgrimage, she has found herself. Her book is not a biography, but it is the transition of a woman who has recreated her name and her life, who learned how to open a path without any easy answers, but with a reflection for any company or person who needs it.

"Decoding Corporate Wellness and Performance Through Human Software Reprogramming" is already available on Amazon and can be downloaded for free in a digital format this Thursday, May 4 and Friday, May 5 in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month which takes place in the United States in May.

It should be mentioned that it is currently ranked first place on Amazon’s “new releases” category in the United States, and in the next few days, it will be available in its Spanish version.

Amazon US- English version:
Amazon Mexico – English version:

Adriana Reid

Adriana Reid is a Mexican woman who was forced to immigrate to the United States, due to several adversities, alongside her three children. She got a job at a war veteran company called Great Lakes Technologies where she observed the psychological struggles caused by war. After reading several different psychologists, she slowly began to find her professional vocation and ten years later her project became a reality. During these ten years, she worked as a Mexican diplomat in the United States in several positions until 2021 when she quit and began to build her company Be2Be and subsequently, she created the human software reprogramming guide.

VIDEO: Interview with emotional coach, Adriana Reid of Be2Be


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