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The secret to irresistible lips can be found at Moldearte: lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

This aesthetic treatment helps your lips to look more attractive and improves the general appearance of your face

Lips are some of the most noticeable features of a face as they are one of the main areas that people look at when interacting with us, which is why having pretty and harmonized lips represents a great attractive feature for your image. It allows you not only to feel and look great, but it also projects security, creates confidence, and improves your image in your personal relationships.

Well-hydrated and well-defined lips with the proper volume in relation to your face allows you to have a beautiful smile and rejuvenate your facial expressions and improve your aesthetic appearance subtly and functionally, which is part of the beauty and sensuality of each person. Having the lips of your dreams is possible with Moldearte Tijuana, through the lip augmentation technique with hyaluronic acid, a non-invasive aesthetic treatment for any person who wants to improve their face which can only be achieved with procedures carried out by professional specialists in aesthetic medicine.

Lip fillers with hyaluronic acid

Lip filling is a simple procedure recommended for adults which consists of injecting hyaluronic acid on the lips after the previous application of topic anesthesia and dental blockage, similar to the one used by dentists in order to minimize discomfort during the procedure. As a benefit for the lips, it provides greater volume, i.e., the proportional thickness to improve the complete appearance of the face. In addition, it improves lip definition, provides hydration which is reflected in tone and appearance, and counteracts the effects of aging as it corrects vertical wrinkles and fallen corners of the lip surface, known as the barcode lip line.

The effect of hyaluronic acid lasts on average from 6 to 9 months depending on each patient, and as it is a progressive technique, retouching can be done if it is necessary.

The cupid’s bow technique, meanwhile, is a similar technique whose goal is to embellish the cupid’s bow, defining the shape of the lips, improving its contour, and hydrating the skin, and it is achieved by injecting hyaluronic acid. This is the best option, as it is a natural composite that nurtures and reabsorbs itself in the outer layers of the skin as time passes. Lip augmentation also achieves these benefits, adding more volume and thickness.

The success of this treatment consists only on the type of product used and the person in charge of applying it, as well as the technique used. This is why it is recommended to always have this procedure done with a team of professional experts with experience who you trust.

Moldearte Tijuana has a team of qualified medical specialists, with more than 12 years of aesthetic medicine experience who exclusively use first-rate, high quality hyaluronic acid without exaggerating, with advanced techniques which prioritize taking care of the face and enhancing natural beauty, helping you have impactful lips: more attractive, balanced, and completely rejuvenated.

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Starting today, visit any of the 11 branches of Moldearte in Tijuana located in Otay, Chapultepec, La Mesa, Boulevard 2000, 20 de Noviembre, Insurgentes, Tecnológico, Playas, Cacho, Downtown, and the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

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