Americans are looking to justify border crossing waiting times at work

Amazon workers in San Diego claim that waiting long hours at the ports of entry makes them come to work tired

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Tijuana has a great advantage as it is a border city that has access to the United States just a few steps away. As such, US residents and citizens working in the US take advantage of this as they reside in Tijuana in order to save money on rent, food, medical expenses, among others. However, this advantage clashes against the long waiting times they have to do when crossing from Mexico into the United States.

Recently, US workers who work in San Diego but live in Tijuana are facing even more problems, as the waiting times at the Tijuana-San Diego ports of entry have been increasing due to the risk of illegal crossings after the end of Title 42, which is why border agents are inspecting more thoroughly.

An example of this is Amazon San Diego employees, who have decided to speak up due to the recent increase of waiting times which have made them be late at work. They claim that they wait in line for up to 5 hours at the ports of entry in Tijuana and even then, they arrive late.

Due to this, they are proposing that the time that it takes them to be late can be justified as, so far, employees have to use their personal time off (PTO) or unpaid time off (UPT) in order to make up for arriving late for something they have no control over.

They don’t know that we have been waiting in line for 4 to 5 hours, we have been awake for 6 hours, and we still manage to get the work done.

They added that, despite them knowing about this, workers are made to fulfill their quota, and employers are ignoring the fact that they need to get through Tijuana to reach their destination. Workers are encouraging people to join their cause; this request is being made through Facebook group “Amazon Workers SD-TJ”.

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