Governor Marina del Pilar promotes comprehensive actions for social wellbeing

In collaboration with the government of Mexico, the governor of Baja California promotes comprehensive actions for wellbeing

The government of Baja California led by Marina del Pilar, together with the government of Mexico, has implemented actions to boost the economy and improve Baja Californians’ income.

Marina del Pilar stated that this was possible thanks to an agreement signed this week with the Finance Agency of Wellbeing (FINABIEN) that will allow to strengthen the operation of 40 branches of this institution in Baja Californian territory, which are available so that people can get credits and obtain financing to transform micro and small businesses.

The general director of FINABIEN, María del Rocío Mejía Flores, informed that Baja California received in 2022 more than $1,4 billion dollars due to remittances, which is why having an institution that helps families to receive them fast and safely represents a benefit in accordance with the social policies promoted by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Governor Marina del Pilar.

For her part, the representative of FINABIEN in Baja California, Rosana Soto, explained that those who send their money from the United States will only need to pay $3.9 dollars to send up to $2,500 dollars to Mexico, a substantially lower commission than other American financial institutions. In addition, FINABIEN won’t charge any fees for receiving this essential resource.

Mejía Flores added that through Tandas para el Bienestar credits of up to $70,000 pesos will be provided, as well as “créditos a la palabra” under the premise that people need a support system to move forward with their projects and transform their and their loved ones’ quality of life.

Marina del Pilar continues direct outreach actions for Baja Californian families

On the other hand, Governor Marina del Pilar continued with her direct outreach for families in communities, visiting Colonia El Niño located in Tijuana’s eastern zone, where she received several requests from neighbors, accompanied by officials that addressed these requests promptly.

Regarding water distribution and supply, the State Commission of Utilities in Tijuana (CESPT) committed itself to carry out drainage work and review the vandalism of infrastructure and prevent the creation of illegal water outlets.

For his part, Omar Castro Ponce, director of the Urbanization Council of Baja California, stated that in El Niño, infrastructure projects that are looking to improve life conditions in this community are being carried out costing more than $5 million pesos.

Lastly, Governor Marina del Pilar emphasized that this firsthand outreach will not stop, as it respects the principle of “More territory, less office” in order to learn more firsthand about people’s needs and use institutional abilities and resolve them timely.

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