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Baja Window to the South explores the several different flavors of coffee of Baja California

In this new episode of Baja Window to the South, we learn about the Coffee Route, which helps people discover the best coffee establishments in the city

On this new episode of Baja Window To The South, they spoke about one of the most popular industries in the region: coffee, as in the city of Tijuana an appreciation and consumption culture for this drink has emerged. Baja Window to the South learned all about an interesting project called the “Coffee Route” and the popular passport that provide recommendations to people regarding the best cafés in the city.

It is a kind of diary where you can follow different recommendations and review your flavor experience within the great variety of coffee that exists in this border city.

However, this wasn’t the only interesting thing that occurred in Baja Window To The South. During an interview with Víctor Mendez, chief of sport fishing at the Secretariat of Fishing and Aquaculture of Baja California, he spoke about one of the most outstanding attractions in Baja, which is the value of its coasts. On this occasion, he spoke about sport fishing which also represents an amazing attraction for tourists.

During the year, 11 fishing tournaments take place. One of the most important ones that takes place in Baja California is the Baja Bluefin Tournament, which takes places at the end of May, where US and Mexican fishing sportsmen will compete.

Besides these attractions, Baja Window To The South also learned about another area of great interest for tourists: medical tourism. On this episode, they spoke with doctors and specialists at Immunity Therapy Center, regarding their treatments to fight cancer through modern, non-invasive treatments that combine the best of traditional and alternative medicine to create better results. In addition, they also have great facilities with first-rate equipment and trained staff.

Another relevant event that will arrive in Tijuana is the Jazz Tijuana Festival, next May 28, where several professional musicians and students of the Center of the Musical Arts of Tijuana will participate.

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