Tijuana Just Can't Get Enough! "Strangelove The Depeche Mode Experience" will perform only concert in August

On August 25, Strangelove will perform at Cine Bujazán in the city of Tijuana

On August 25, Cine Bujazán in the city of Tijuana will be the stage of Strangelove: The Depeche Mode Experience, the tribute band endorsed by the members of Depeche Mode.

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From LA, California, Strangelove is without a doubt, the Depeche Mode tribute band par excellence. Their performances are not just easy imitations; on the contrary, Strangelove offers a unique experience of reliving both the forty years of Depeche Mode and an entire time period.

Their performances, almost documentary-like of this British band’s work, have earned the respect and approval of the members of Depeche Mode. These are the names and the history of the people behind Strangelove, who have earned the warmth and acceptance by hundreds of followers around the world.

Leo Luganskiy “Ultra-Dave”

From Volgograd, Russia (formerly known as Stalingrad), he came to the United States to the city of Brooklyn, New York, when he was a teenager. Since his arrival, he worked artistically as a musician, actor, and model. His physical characteristics, and the tone of his voice, makes his representation of Dave Gahan something completely amazing that has been developed thanks to his talent as an actor. It should be noted that his personality and his attitude are very similar to Gahan himself. Leo is the natural leader and his presence on the stage is that of a showman; just like Dave Gahan’s attitude, whose sensuality and intensity have charmed Depeche Mode fans.

Brent Meyer- “Counterfeit Martin”

Music industry expert Brent Meyer plays the role of Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode’s main composer). He has worked in several areas of the music industry: he has been the vice president of record labels, he has organized festivals, and as a musician, he has been a composer of music for TV shows, movies, and videogames. He is also an arranger/orchestrator and a sound engineer and has worked with artists such as David Bowie. Similar to the role that Martin L. Gore has in Depeche Mode, Meyer is the orchestrator behind Strangelove.

Julian Shah-Tayler as “Oscar Wilder”

Master of synthesizer music and programming devotee, he is also a fan of the music of Depeche Mode. As a musician, his talent is reflected on his representation of Alan Wilder. His career as an artist has been expanded by working with artists such as Ringo Starr, Johnny Marr, Morrissey, among others. He has been recognized with international awards for his work as an arranger for his collaborations with Lana del Rey.

James Evans- "In The Fletch"

James Evans is Andy Fletcher, and he is one of the pillars of Strangelove. His association with this group began more than a decade ago, when he was the group’s stage director before he began playing Fletcher. Similar to an orchestra director, he is responsible for recreating the exact sound for synthesizers and the harmonic vocals of Strangelove.

Chris Olivas

Fundamental part of Terri Nunn for more than 20 years; studio musician, tour musician, and renowned DJ. He started working with Strangelove a few years ago, as the one responsible for recreating drum beats live, as well as the sound and electric energy that is characteristic of Depeche Mode’s second phase.

On August 25, 2023, members of Strangelove: The Depeche Mode Experience will play the greatest hits of this legendary British band. You can purchase your tickets on the following website:

This will be an outdoors event at the legendary Cine Bujazán in Tijuana. Gates will be opened at 7 PM and the concert will begin one hour later at 8 PM.

Special guest will be Bolatronix, José Javier Modelevsky, who will be in charge of the visual exhibition of Depeche Mode’s career. At 10:30 PM, once Strangelove’s performance is over, he will be the DJ in charge of playing new wave 80s music and videos of this era in the background.

Tickets can be purchased on the following website: or in person at Real Inn ticket booths in Tijuana. General tickets cost $400 pesos ($24 dollars); Gold tickets cost $600 pesos ($36 dollars), and VIP 2 tickets cost $1,200 pesos ($71 dollars). VIP 1 tickets are sold out.

VIP tickets will provide concertgoers with waiter services with drinks, liquor, and mixology by Tras/Horizonte. In addition, the food menu will be local gastronomy by Tortas of Washmobile, Burritos of Bol Corona and Tacos Kokopelli.

Seat distribution at the concert:


Inside premises:


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