Restaurant in Rosarito launches “Barbie and Ken” Burger

This restaurant released a special edition burger based on the acclaimed Barbie movie which is delighting their clients

The Barbie film continues to show up even in the dreams of non-fans, because at every corner there is an establishment, picture, advertisement, or person dressed in pink just because of this movie. This happened once again in Rosarito, as there is a burger restaurant that launched a “Barbie and Ken” burger.

You may be wondering what makes this burger special when compared to other burgers, and it seems that this establishment called “Color Burgers” has a very varied and colorful menu, which is why they couldn’t miss the Barbie fever and released a pink burger in honor of Barbie and a blue burger in honor of Ken.

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Órnela Rueda Méndez, part of the couple who owns the business, said the following:

We have made products related to the colors of the year and now with this trend, started by the premiere of Barbie, we have pink bread alongside a blue bread for Ken. The client can choose whichever burger they want and the color of the bread.

In addition, workers at this establishment claimed that the owner is always keeping an eye on social media to create new and creative dishes, and on this occasion, she made something related to the Barbie movie which premiered on July 20 in Mexico.

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