Governor Marina del Pilar meets with Tesla executives to analyze advantages of investing in Baja California

This company's executives are analyzing the conditions that Baja California has to offer to make progress on their global goals

Governor Marina del Pilar held a meeting with Tesla executives in Washington D.C., where they spoke about the advantages that the state of Baja California offers in logistics, geographically, in human capital, and legally to safely invest in the state.

Currently, Tesla manufactures 1.2 million electric vehicles per year. The company's goal is that this number grows to 20 million yearly units, a goal where operations in Mexico play a fundamental role and, this is why, Baja California will address their needs.

As such, Marina del Pilar stated that the company is analyzing the possibilities of investing to strengthen electric vehicle charger infrastructure in Baja California.

Tesla executives spoke with the deans of Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) and CETYS Universidad, Luis Enrique Palafox and Fernando León, who showcased the benefits of having qualified and certified human capital at the same time as university infrastructure is boosted for training and investigation purposes.

As such, the Secretary of Economy and Innovation, Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales, stated that among the main attractions of Baja California, the executives said, was its proximity to the state of California, and the boost that the administration led by Marina del Pilar has given to have trained staff for an industry focused on innovation and specialization.

The governor said that issues such as freight transportation, infrastructure, government incentives, the rule of law, and the development of professionals to carry out specialized work are part of the great area of opportunity for electric mobility in Baja California. This is because it not only represents an important alternative to job creation and better wages for people, but it also reduces the release of harmful gas emissions in the atmosphere, following the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations (UN).

Marina del Pilar thanked the support by Ambassador Esteban Moctezuma Barragán for letting them have a high-level meeting in the official venue of the Mexican government in the United States, and emphasized the importance that Tesla is analyzing its options to invest in Baja California.

"Baja California Month begins in the United States"

On the other hand, and with support from Ambassador Moctezuma Barragán, the governor officially launched the activities of Baja California Month in the United States, at the emblematic Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington.

The governor thanked the support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, through the ambassador, to show off the Baja Californian spirit in the United States, a nation ruled by freedom and democracy with which Mexico has had diplomatic relations for two centuries.

As part of this event, there was an exhibition of the gastronomy and culture of Baja California as well as a handicraft work presentation by indigenous native people of the state; an example of their cosmovision that goes back centuries and generations. At this exhibition, the Secretary of Culture, Alma Delia Ábrego Ceballos and the Secretary of Fishing, Alma Rosa García, both participated.

In addition, with the support of the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Aguíñiga Rodríguez, they showed the main Baja Californian destinations that receive visitors every day, not only from Mexico but from all over the world, with the United States being the main country of origin.

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