Fernando Rodríguez Cetto reveals the artist that will perform at the 2023 Gran Vendimia by Cetto

The tourism manager of this winery, with the biggest tradition in Baja California, stated that there will be special prizes for winners of the grape stomping competition

Wine lovers' favorite event is about to arrive in Valle de Guadalupe: Gran Vendimia by Grupo Cetto.

In another episode of Baja Window To The South, Fernando Rodríguez Cetto, Tourism Manager of this winery explained that this tradition has taken place for years to celebrate the first grape harvest of the year.

He said that in the 1980s, Grupo Cetto started to invite clients to the grape harvest and that is how the Fiesta de Colores (Festival of Colors) consolidated and became what it is today.

Rodríguez Cetto revealed that admission tickets will include everything related to the activity program, which begins at 12 PM and ends at midnight. It consists of the following:

  • Thanksgiving mass and blessing of the first harvest.
  • The classic and fun Grape Stomping contest, which will allow you to understand how wine used to be made. Since it is the 95th anniversary of this company, prizes for the first 3 places for men and women will be very special.
  • A delicious 4-course meal and wine pairing.
  • A very special 2 hour show with [b]Myst, a unique visual and auditory experience that includes a light show, theater staging, and musical performances from different eras. All of this will be accompanied by a wonderful view of the sunset, surrounded by nature, at the bullring of Bodega Cetto.
  • Since 2016, MY SoundTrack (Myst) has been an invitation to feel everything, to experience something thoroughly. It has had more than 5 decades of Spanish and English hits, especially performed for the audience at Gran Vendimia who will enjoy an unprecedented show with an amazing performance.

    Courtesy: Photo TotalPlay
    Courtesy: Photo TotalPlay

  • After Party with DJ and carne asada torta dinner by Washmobile.
  • More than 30 wine labels to enjoy throughout the event.

Tickets for La Fiesta de Colores can be purchased by clicking here.

He reminded the audience that there are only 180 spots left, which is why it is still a perfect time to ensure oneself a place in the best grape harvest celebration of this season.

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