Marina del Pilar administration achieves financial improvements by relying on local income

The finances of Baja California allow for the resolution of income drops in the state

The government of Baja California, led by Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, improved significantly its capability of supporting government programs by relying on local income through actions that achieve sustainable public finances, managing once more a significant drop on depending on federal budgets coming to the state.

The state governor explained that it is a priority to promote that resources obtained, such as income, are used and applied in several programs that benefit the population, especially those who need it the most according to the principles of the Fourth Transformation.

Marina del Pilar explained that, in this context, the concept of financial autonomy has acquired relevance as it is defined as the relation between local income and total income. This means, that when autonomy is greater, dependence on federal participation is lower; the latter tends to change a lot, because it is determined by external factors.

"In this administration, we established criteria to achieve financial autonomy. In the first tax year, we closed with financial autonomy levels of 16%, and all the way to July, we are in a range of 20%," she said.

For his part, the Secretary of Finance of Baja California, Marco Antonio Moreno Mexía, recognized that there is still room for improvement, however, they are working to move forward through a series of strategies that will provide positive results in the upcoming tax years.

He recalled that in Mexico there exists a Tax Coordination Law that determines the amount that the federation will give to the states, through formulas with several different variables. This is published in the Expenditure Budget of the Federation (PEF), however, it is an estimate regarding the true behavior of federal collection.

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