People using the first photo booths in Tijuana pretended being inside a jail

Inventing simulated scenes was popular after the invention of photography

Tijuana has become an important spot for craft beer with its Beer Route that encompasses 19 local breweries; but on this episode of Baja Window to the South, they spoke about 4 alternatives that you won't want to miss if you love this drink:

  • Mexica Cervecería Artesanal
  • Norte Brewing Corporation
  • Telefónica Gastro Park
  • Cypress

These breweries have a great amount of variety that will delight your palate. Speaking about this, Jesús Castellanos went to Colectivo Surf, a brewery that began in Ensenada 5 years ago that was established in Kilómetro 41 in the Rosarito-Ensenada freeway.

Though they only have 14 beer taps, even though they have more than 20 craft beers in business, their drinks have no equal. Such is the case with their lagers, which were awarded at Lagers International at the Ensenada Beer Fest and it is the main reason that they get visits from all over the world from places such as Europe, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Russia, and more.

Olga Sánchez de la Vega also interviewed Abraham García, founder of Kilómetro Uno, an ocean conservation organization focused on the effects of plastic pollution and climate change in the seas. After starting by cleaning beaches, they realized that environmental education was important as well as raising awareness not only in people but with businesses about the impact that waste has on the ocean so as to create significant change in order to reduce damages.

This show also visited Blue Evolution, which presented sea lettuce as an alternative food that can be used to cook with the necessary minerals and amino acids for the body. With a nutritious and careful process, Blue Evolution harvests approximately two tons of algae every month, supplying them to restaurants and young chefs that are looking to create new dishes.

Rodulfo Figueroa explained that The Boys and Girls Club of Tijuana is a foundation similar to this same club in the United States where they are looking to positively impact the youth in Tijuana and help them develop in several different areas.

Lastly, Roberto Lango of Tijuanidad shared the history about the first photo booths in Tijuana. As they were trying to create an impact on visitors that were enjoying the new invention of photography, residents created scenes such as bars, trains, and even people getting married or divorced. However, the most popular one that they simulated was being in jail.

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