Experience the Guelaguetza in Tijuana! Centro Cultural Tijuana invites you to celebrate this great Oaxacan festival

An ancient celebration full of color and customs will arrive in the region this weekend

Oaxaca is known nationwide for its cultural, archaeological, and gastronomic wealth, with the Guelaguetza being one of the region's most popular traditions and a tourist attraction for Mexicans and foreigners.

Guelaguetza is a festival that gathers the tangible and intangible heritage of the 8 regions of Oaxaca, a celebration full of color, joy, and customs.

Enjoy this magical celebration that Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) is bringing for you. For second year in a row, CECUT has prioritized this type of activities that allows people to create connections and enrich several different communities in the region.

"We are very pleased to have this event as a second edition. There's nothing that we would love more than to have this be a tradition in Tijuana, so that each year people can enjoy and delight themselves with the culture of a very important part of the Mexican population, that is so important for the culture, economy, and development of Baja California," said Vianka Santana, director of CECUT.

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More than 60 Oaxacan artists will arrive in Tijuana to show off their talents and traditions

The lineup consists of more than 120 artists, half of which come from Oaxaca such as Mazahua rapper and activist, Gil Nabor, or the band from the municipality of Mitla.

Don't miss traditional dances such as Danza de la Pluma or Baile Flor de Piña; Guelaguetza has prepared a dancing program, with dances from several different regions of Oaxaca and talented musical groups that have traveled all the way to the border to captivate audiences in both Californias.

Artisans, producers and jewelers show off the authenticity and wealth of their land

Visitors will be able to purchase ceramic pieces of green and red clay, alebrijes, stylized fabrics, waisted and pedal textiles, and precious jewels of the best quality that tell the history and work of these ancient people.

They will also show a variety of regional candies, coffee, sugar cane moonshine, and several brands of mezcal, which represents diversity and color.

"It is also an event full of excitement for the native communities of Oaxaca who have settled here in the border since the 1970s and 1980s," said Edgar Montiel, President of the Commission of Human Rights, Immigration, and Indigenous Issues. "It allows them to go back to their lands and feel their present roots, because not everyone can travel or go back to their state."

Distinguished gastronomic richness

There is something for everyone's tastes and budgets! The vibrant markets of this southern state will arrive at the border with a variety of flavors and dishes.

The tlayudas are the standout, covered in black beans with meat enchiladas that will delight you and will transport you back to the ancestral lands of Oaxaca. You can also find tamales, mole, or delicious memelas.

Inaugural Guelaguetza Calenda

The Guelaguetza began in the morning of Wednesday, August 15 but will be officially inaugurated on Thursday 17 with a calenda.

Daniel Ochoa Carrasco, president of the Council of Artisans of Oaxaca, explained that the calenda is a fundamental part of these festivities. It is an event that manifests joy, renews, and strengthens connections between attendants, marking the beginning of these local celebrations.

Bringing this to Tijuana allows it to connect with the kindness of its people, through a festival with colorful outfits, sweets, and mezcal.

"Come to experience the greatest Oaxacan festival. We will show you authentic elements so that you can experience and enjoy the magic of the state," Carrasco added.

Unlike the Guelaguetza in Oaxaca, this event organized by CECUT is free and it is a 100% family friendly event. It will be open from Wednesday, August 16 until Sunday, August 20 from 11 AM to 9 PM.

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