Tijuana native saved himself from becoming "blind drug mule" by checking his trunk before crossing into the US

In his trunk, this citizen found more than 16 kilos of crystal meth

One of the main issues of living in the border region is the trafficking of illegal objects and substances between Mexico and the United States.

Criminal groups have implemented different mechanisms throughout the years to do this, even recruiting civilians without them knowing that they are carrying weapons, drugs, or even people to the other side of the border.

Being a victim of this is known as being a “blind mule” and thanks to knowing this, a Tijuana native citizen was able to save himself from facing legal consequences when crossing into the United States, where he works.

The Municipal Secretariat of Citizen Security and Protection (SSPCM) of Tijuana revealed that, through 911, two big, suspicious packages were reported in a car's trunk.

Agents of the Municipal Police arrived at the scene and inspected the packages, finding 36 medium-sized wrappers, which in total contained more than 16 kilos of crystal meth.

The 36 wrappers had more than 16 kilos of crystal meth Courtesy: SSPCM Tijuana.
The 36 wrappers had more than 16 kilos of crystal meth Courtesy: SSPCM Tijuana.

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This citizen, resident of Playas de Tijuana, explained to the officers that he works in the United States and since previously two people had attempted to get inside his trunk, he checks it daily before crossing.

In fact, it is precisely people who have a constant binational, dynamic presence who are the main objectives in order to make them blind mules.

The seized packages were sent over to the proper authorities so investigations can begin.

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