Costco resellers increase prices due to dessert purchase restrictions

Internet users claim that they prefer to purchase directly from Costco or entrepreneurs who make their own cakes

Costco is one of Tijuana's busiest stores, both for its Kirkland products and its desserts that are very coveted, especially in the winter holidays. However, recently, dessert shortages have caught people's attention due to resellers, something which has come to affect other customers' individual purchases.

Due to this, Costco has decided to limit their sales, reducing them to a maximum of 5 cakes and 2 chocolate flans per membership. However, people who resell these desserts did not really like this change.

Resellers increase prices of Costco cake slices

With these new measures and a smaller number of desserts that can be purchased by resellers, they will need to adapt. One of them even stated this on Facebook, where he revealed that he would have to increase the prices of the cake slices that he sells.

In this post, he says that he was going to increase the prices to $60 pesos per slice. Chocolate flan, for example, costs $180 pesos in Costco and one can get 16 slices from it. As such, the reseller would earn $960 pesos (without subtracting the price of this chocolate flan).

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On the other hand, cheesecake slices prices will increase to $85 pesos per slice. As a complete cheesecake costs $260 pesos in Costco and one can get 20 slices from it, a reseller would earn $1,700 pesos (without subtracting the price of the cheesecake).

At the end, the reseller blames Costco for his price increases.


This post caught people's attention who claimed that he was being insolent by increasing his prices. In addition, they said that they would rather buy Costco products directly at the store or buy products by entrepreneurs who make their own desserts.

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