Children's author Norma Bustamante will organize ExpoArte for kids at Grand Hotel Tijuana

"Viva México" will celebrate her character "Naty La Elefantita" and will promote our country

There's nothing more beautiful than a child's smile when telling them a story. Taking them through a magical world full of imagination, Tijuana native writer Norma Bustamante, alongside her character "Naty La Elefantita", has dedicated many years of her life to promote reading in children and support several different social causes.

On Sunday, September 3 at 3 PM at the Grand Hotel Tijuana lobby there will be an event for the whole family called "Viva México". ExpoArte will be set up as a museum and in it there will be books and paintings of "Naty and her friends", thanks to illustrations by Franco Méndez

Since admission is free, it is expected that parents bring their kids. The goal of this celebration is to instill a love of reading in children.

We had the chance of getting an exclusive interview with Norma Bustamante, who said:

I chose my book that is titled "Viva México" because it is Independence month. This story has a map for children with historic places so that when they go to Mexico they can visit the pyramids, Xochimilco, or listen to mariachi in Guadalajara.

With 22 years of experience in children's stories and with tales that have been translated into English and French, Norma began her career as a writer in 1980 with a poetry book titled "Por Amar" and a novel titled "Reencuentro con la Vida". However, fate eventually led her to writing stories for children.

Reading the pages of her book one can always find an important message: the protection and wellbeing of children.

Since few parents have the financial support to buy books for their children, Norma has donated almost all of her stories to orphanages and public schools, because she is aware that reading and culture open the doors to people becoming better citizens.

Dressed as Naty La Elefantita, Norma has made children dream and fantasize and since she has been doing this for a while, she knows that Naty deserves a good party.

The author explained what we can expect from this event on Sunday:

There will be a marimba and there will be a lot of children there from the orphanage that I founded 47 years ago called “Hogar Infantil La Gloria”. Some children with disabilities will also be there, some of whom I've given scholarships to. It will be something unique and very special because I love these children. They are my inspiration.

Norma Bustamante is waiting for you so you can all have a great Mexican party alongside Naty. We remind you that this event will take place on Sunday, September 3 at Grand Hotel Tijuana at 3 PM.


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