Tijuana native Hugo Cen wins over two sharks at Shark Tank with artificial intelligence

The founder of AI Lab School revealed an interesting proposal

Renowned Tijuana native businessman Hugo Cen, founder of AI Lab School and cofounder of Digital Lab Agency successfully debuted in one of the latest episodes of the 8th season of Shark Tank Mexico, the famous TV show about entrepreneurship airing on Sony.

Knowing that he had to have a convincing opening in the first 5 seconds of his presentation, he told the sharks: "Are you ready to transform Mexico?". This caught their attention, as he was proposing a revolution with artificial intelligence in the business sector and the optimization of personal life.

In an exclusive interview with San Diego Red, we spoke with Hugo who told us about the evolution that AI has had in the last few years.

Artificial intelligence has become mainstream, everyone knows about it and it is an era where you can integrate these tools to your daily and personal life, seeing the way in which one can create value with technology because it is taking over. We need to be able to know about it and learn from it.

About his experience in the studio, he said:

We had the good luck of being part of the 8th season of Shark Tank. It was surreal, I didn't imagine that I would be there in that way. We decided to go to the program and it is everything you imagine: the nerves, the confidence, the value the company has. It was something I enjoyed. I think we did a good play that interested the sharks.

He said that several sharks fought to see if there was any conflict of interest with other companies and if they could make a deal. Some wanted to get into the business and argued because they didn't want to be part of the same team.

At the end of the day the most important thing is to spread awareness of AI Lab School, as it is an artificial intelligence school with a platform so you can connect with other programmers, and that is very important regarding technological training with this innovative system. Having a base of talents is very important.

Being an example of this generation, Hugo emphasized that the most important thing is to democratize artificial intelligence so that everyone uses it, people like us, professionals, market specialists, and anyone who is involved in an industry.

This will help to do with two people what used to be done by a team of 5 or 10 people. It is not like artificial intelligence is going to take away your job but those people who know how to use it could take it away.

He recommended tools such as Midjourney that creates 3D images, both realistic and surrealistic based on parameters and instructions from the user, which can be used to create advertising on social media, create content, or maybe even a book. ChatGPT and DaVinci AI were also mentioned.

The benefit that AI gives us is to do more with less so that you can grow in this community. The idea is that when you have some product or service to sell you can simply connect people with that valuable proposal and you generate sales. It is part of how the startup ecosystem has migrated.

It should be noted that the show where Hugo Cen appeared with his amazing proposal, Shark Tank, was aired on September 22 at 10:30 PM on Sony.

To conclude, Hugo Cen underscored:

Artificial intelligence can even give you predictions about what may happen. And that is what we do every day: What am I going to do? What am I going to wear? Will I arrive early or late? AI gives real and unimaginable results because nobody could have foreseen them 5 years ago. We need to start using these tools. You can use them to create a vacation schedule, an exercise routine, a weekly diet, whatever you want. We must adopt it early and embrace technology without any resistance.


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