Out of control! Prices in Costco have almost doubled in 2023

A young man says that inflation in the United States is higher than what it seems

Costco is one of the most popular stores in the world, where thousands of people buy their groceries and purchase huge amounts of high-quality products. However, it cannot be denied that some items are more expensive compared to 2022.

In fact, a young man shared on social media how incredible these price increases have been in some products. The young man says that inflation in the United States is higher than it seems, as there are some items whose prices have doubled.

In the video, one can see some of the products with their current prices compared to those in 2022. Though some items can obviously vary regarding their presentation, the young man claims that it is the same exact product.

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One of the most shocking ones has been mayonnaise, which in 2022 cost $5 dollars and now costs $10 dollars. A similar situation occurs with butter, which can currently be bought at $13.5 dollars when it used to cost $9.49.

The young man criticizes the US government who claims that inflation is supposedly 7%, when in fact, it is actually more than what has been revealed, and this can be seen on the prices of several products.

Here's the video:

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