Discover Valle Farms, the hidden restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe

Fill yourself up with delicious flavors at this new establishment that has been described as a "glamorous picnic"

One of the most important aspects that make Valle de Guadalupe stand out, besides its internationally renowned wines, is its delicious gastronomy, as it is one of the best attractions for tourists and locals.

Hidden inside a building that looks like an artistic project built with afternoon colors, Valle Farms opens its doors to all who are looking to try something different: a restaurant's unique ambiance and delicious dishes.

Entrance to Valle Farms.
Entrance to Valle Farms.

The design was made by ‘Diseño Norteño’, founded by architects Óscar González and Mauricio Kuri, who defied all rules of architecture and planned a "non-building" that would fuse with the landscape.

Located at El Porvenir, Francisco Zarco in Valle de Guadalupe, its working hours are from 1 PM to 9 PM from Wednesday to Monday. On Fridays and Saturdays, it closes until 10 PM.

Most requested entrees

Valle Farms knows the importance of a first impression and that's why their strong entrees are also made with a lot of love and work.

Besides the renowned Tiradito de Hamachi made with lemon sauce, cilantro, charred jalapeño, and avocado, there is also the roasted cauliflower with paprika, Colima salt, and extra virgin olive oil from the Valle de Guadalupe region. It is also one of clients' favorite dishes.

If you want to try something exotic, we recommend the Oaxacan corn made with homemade mayo, cotija cheese, dry pepper powder, and toasted chapulines (grasshoppers).

Oaxacan corn with grasshoppers.
Oaxacan corn with grasshoppers.

The menu's main stars

After a delicious entree, it is time to prepares yourself to try the main courses.

Two of the most requested ones are chamorro with mole and roasted chicken with black Yucatan recado.

Both the recado and the mole are made from scratch at the restaurant.

Roasted chicken with black recado.
Roasted chicken with black recado.

Discover the chef behind these delicious meals

Mauricio Eduardo Gómez, the chef in charge of the Valle Farms kitchen, is bringing his cuisine from Loreto, Mexico City, Queretaro, and Acapulco.

"I was given the chance through a chef friend from La Justina. He invited me and speaking with owners, I was offered this project in Valle Farms," he said.

Chef Gómez pointed out that that his cuisine is made up of very natural flavors in all of its ingredients.

"It was one of the things I liked the most when the proposal was made by the owner. He told me that he wanted very simple things in the menu, not a lot of combinations; he wanted to respect the flavor of each ingredient."

Chef Gómez.
Chef Gómez.

They grow their own vegetable patch

Valle Farms and Chef Gómez are committed with offering you the best ingredient quality. This is why they are taking care of their own vegetable patch where they harvest, among other things, lettuce and spinach for the dishes, and rosemary and lavender for their cocktails.

This way, you can be certain that all of the ingredients harvested here are fresh. They will delight your palate!

"From there, we get stuff to cook natural flavors and organic things. The proteins we cook are organic, like the roasted chicken. This is one of the things that made me like the project," the chef said.

Grupo Licodega is the one in charge of bringing this wonderful concept to fruition so that you, your family, your friends, and your partner can enjoy amazing gastronomic variety and a unique concept.

Don't forget to follow their social media pages to keep an eye on everything they are cooking for you:


Make a reservation at (646) 388 0316.



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