First Center of Agroentrepreneurs is installed in Baja California

This center's goal is to support the increase of rural and competitive companies

The Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADERBC) established the first Center of Agroentrepreneurs in Baja California in order to promote the development of this industry in Baja California.

Juan Meléndrez Espinoza, head of SADERBC, said that this center is looking to increase the number of rural and competitive companies with innovative projects and aggregated value.

Its goal is also to provide assistance to entrepreneurs, producers, and micro, small, and medium-sized companies (MIPyMES) of the agro-industrial sector to boost the creation of opportunities of self-employment and improve the quality of products and services in the state, betting on the development of highly competitive Baja Californian industries.

He stated that the talks "Tópicos Fiscales en materia de Cumplimiento de Obligaciones” by Luis Gabriel Ruan Sánchez took place here.

In addition, he said that the State Commission of Protection Against Sanitary Risks (COEPRIS) participated with the talk "Competencias y Facultades" by Dr. Rigoberto Izarraraz Hernández.

"At the end, a panel called ‘¿Por qué es importante la formalización de los emprendimientos?’ (Why is the formalization of entrepreneurship important?) took place and it was given by C.P. Norma Soo Michel and Lic. Maribel Avilés, who helped to answer questions of people present," Meléndrez Espinoza stated.

Lastly, the state official said that the activities of this center, which will assist Baja Californian agrobusiness entrepreneurs, began with the participation of more than 70 attendants.

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