Ciudad Maderas inaugurates first showroom in San Diego, CA

This real estate developer has more than 70,000 clients and 29 property developments in all of Mexico

Mexico's biggest real estate developer opened its first sales office to the American public in the city of Chula Vista. In an event where executives, public figures of the Padres baseball team, collaborators, and clients all participated, the company was given the go-ahead to begin operations in the United States.

Ciudad Maderas has more than 70,000 clients and 29 property developments in all of Mexico. In California, they have had great demand due to their properties and houses that the company trades in Cancun and Merida.

"Something that has really caught the attention of the Latino market in California is that we provide them with direct financing to buy their property or house in the Mexican Caribbean with convenient payments such as $100 dollars a month," the company’s sales manager in California, Emmanuel Corona, stated.

Ciudad Maderas also celebrated its second season as an official sponsor of the San Diego Padres. This is a great achievement as they have become the first real estate company in Mexico to sponsor a team in the big leagues.

The company already consists of a team of more than 200 collaborators and real estate advisers in the region and with this opening, they are hoping to grow in several different markets in the United States.

Its office opened its doors in Chula Vista, CA at 651 Palomar Suite #17 and you can contact them directly at the following telephone number: 619 874 2885.


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