David Saúl Guakil tells a "scary story" that he experienced as a businessman during Jaime Bonilla's administration

The Tijuana native businessman spoke about the political persecution he experienced by Jaime Bonilla when he was the governor of Baja California

Tijuana native businessman and politician David Saúl Guakil attended the "Historias de Terror en los Negocios" (Scary Stories in Business) forum, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Commission of Young Businessmen of CANACO, where he spoke about the horrific tale he went through as a businessman during the Jaime Bonilla administration.

He said that the MORENA governor wanted him to abandon and leave the city, and he did so momentarily. He went to the United States for a few months and he was a ready to leave definitively.

This was in 2020, he said, first 7 inspectors of the state government arrived and then 14 from the Secretariat of Work, with risible questions and fines of 140 million pesos. The next day, the amount was higher. He said that when he spoke with Bonilla Valdez to resolve these issues, the former governor plainly told him that he was going to have his hotel (Ibis) and days later, he said that though Grupo Cosmopolitan had some liabilities, he could also have it.

As the former president of the Chamber of Commerce and current director of real estate developer Cosmopolitan Group, Guakil stated that he lived 2 months of terror with the Bonilla administration. "Just like other businessmen that he also harassed," speaking about Bonilla who is the current president of Partido del Trabajo in Baja California.

Luckily, he only needed to resist 2 months because on November 1st, Jaime Bonilla left and everything went back to normal. The "Historias de Terror en los Negocios" forum was organized by the Commission of Young Businessman of CANACO presided by José Guadalupe Paz Moreno, with support from the current board of directors presided by Julián Palombo Saucedo, and it took place on the third floor of this chamber.

Besides David Saúl Guakil, exhibitors such as María Eugenia Acevedo, director of Laboratorios Certus, real estate businesswoman Fernanda Padilla Muñoz, and boxing promoter and businessman Fernando Beltrán Rendón all participated.

Former presidents of CANACO, other trade businessmen, and several young people who are starting their business activities all attended this event. At the end, Guakil recommended to young people to not allow terror to paralyze them and to always look for a way out: "Insist, persist, and resist" was the formula of success that he shared.


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