Celebrate Thanksgiving with a delicious free meal in San Diego. It's very easy!

Ibotta has provided free meals to 10 million people since 2020 in the United States

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For Americans, Thanksgiving is a very important holiday as it allows them to get together with their families and thank all the good things that happened during the year.

It is a national tradition where families gather together to enjoy a delicious dinner whose main dish is a delicious turkey.

However, due to the high food prices in the last few months, dinner expenses can be a concern, which is why a shopping app is gifting a Thanksgiving dinner for its users.

The Ibotta app is gifting everything necessary for a Thanksgiving dinner and the only thing you need to do is download the app and redeem the offer. Users will be able to get a 100% refund in cash when they buy a turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy sauce.

The company is doing this promotion for fourth year in a row and since then, it has provided free meals to 10 million people.

The offer will be valid until November 22 and it is valid in the United States including California. To obtain a participating coupon, click the following link:

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How does Ibotta work?

Ibotta is an app that allows you to get cashback when buying at several different shops in the United States. On average, you can earn around $20 dollars a month which is why it is an excellent strategy to save money.

It is a free and safe platform, which allows you to access a variety of offers, bonuses, rewards, and it is affiliated with thousands of shops, retails, drugstores, and supermarkets in the United States such as Home Depot, Best Buy, Walmart, Sam’s Club, eBay, Target, 7-Eleven, Macy’s, Kroger, among others.

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