Montserrat Caballero boosts young entrepreneurs for the future of Baja California

Thanks to the "Emprende en Grande" and "Tianguis del Emprendedor" programs, the mayor has given priority to the efforts of young people for the future of Tijuana

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, underscored that the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana boosts entrepreneurs with programs that motivate them to make of Tijuana a city of innovation.

During the launch of the program "Emprende en Grande", in which 30 young people received their credit, and "Tianguis del Emprendedor", in which the credit has already been obtained, invested, and they were able to showcase their products at the Municipal Palace's central courtyard, the mayor stated that her government's main priority is to provide them with wellbeing.

The mayor claimed that as long as she is the municipal president, there won't be a single young person who will be unable to achieve their dream, as their constant efforts and discipline encourage the administration to continue working for a Tijuana with more opportunities for everyone.

That's why the mayor, accompanied by the Secretary of Wellbeing, Gerardo López Montes highlighted the support for young talent that were benefited with this delivery such as Francisco, who makes piñatas, and that will open the doors so that the municipality can buy them for Christmas.

Next to senior official, Marcelo de Jesús Machain Servín, the mayor underscored that this administration is betting on these projects so that people can build their small and medium-sized companies, as they all represent a generation that is transforming everything.

"You are part of that path, where ideas allow you to be and feel that you are being listened to so that you can fight for your dreams and compete, healthily, to be better people, better students, and better entrepreneurs," she said before delivering the aid alongside IMJUV director, Juan Carlos Rosas Landeros.

Caballero Ramírez highlighted that she will strengthen the alliance between young people and the municipal government to make their dreams a reality, because in Tijuana, today more than ever, they are providing conditions so that people can create projects with healthy finances that make this easier to achieve.

The mayor claimed that with these two programs the economy is boosted and reactivated. In addition, it stimulates creativity in young people who are looking for sustainable development while being 100% focused on making Tijuana a city for entrepreneurs.

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