It's official! Montserrat Caballero finishes registration to run for the mayor's office of Tijuana

The mayor revealed that she has met all necessary requirements and will seek reelection through her party MORENA

The first woman to ever be democratically elected to be the municipal president of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, revealed that she has met all requirements issued by the National Election Commission of political party MORENA to run for the mayor's office of Tijuana.

11 days before the electoral process begins in Baja California, and 193 days before June 2, 2024, the municipal president informed Tijuana natives that she has met all requirements to become a candidate once more.

"My dear Tijuana natives, I want to tell you before anyone else, that today (Tuesday, November 21), with my party MORENA, I registered to run for the 2024-2027 electoral process," she stated, once the registration was finished.

The document, with sheet number 124236, formalized before this political party her registration to the internal process of candidate selection and, subsequently, the approved registrations that will be posted on the official morena.org website.

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With this act, her intention to reelect herself has been officialized. This is a political right based on the Political Constitution of Mexico, the Political Constitution of Baja California, and the Electoral Law of Baja California.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero recognized that, just like she did a few days ago, she has met all requirements that Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (MORENA) has requested to exercise this right.

"I am with you because you are with me," the mayor confirmed. She also thanked all people who support her and said that she will keep them informed about every step of this process.

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