Clouds and wind: Tijuana won't see the sun for a week

Tijuana will remain cloudy for a week

Did you want cold to appear here? Be careful what you ask for, as according to weather forecasts, Tijuana won't have any rain in the next few days, but cold and clouds will be constant and remain in the city.

According to weather forecast website, Meteored, Tijuana will remain cloudy starting today until next Wednesday. This means that there will be cloudy days with maximum temperatures of 21°C and minimum temperatures of 8°C.

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The coldest day of the week will be on Saturday, where the minimum temperature will be 8°C, while the maximum temperature will be 19°C. It is expected that the maximum temperature increases starting on Monday next week.

Starting tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, temperatures will drop. Today, for example, the maximum temperature will be 26°C, while on Thursday it will be around 20°C. In addition, it is estimated that winds will be cold.

It is important to keep oneself informed on social media through pages such as the Tijuana Civil Protection Agency, which monitors weather patterns. This is important as weather tends to change in an instant.

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