Rain forecasted for Tijuana this week

Most of the week will be sunny, but there will be some days with chances of rain

The last weeks have been an example of why Tijuana is known for having "crazy weather" as we have had cloudy days, sunny days, and rain with no exception.

It is currently expected that most days during this week are somewhere between sunny and cloudy. However, on Thursday, rain is expected to come back to Tijuana along with temperature drops.

Chances of rain for this day will be 40%, while temperatures will range from the minimum temperature of 12°C to the maximum temperature of 17°C. As days go by, temperatures will continue to drop.

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The coldest day is expected to be Saturday with 8°C, according to weather monitoring website, Meteored. The highest temperature will be 22°C.

It is important to keep oneself informed through associations such as the Tijuana Civil Protection Agency, who constantly monitor the weather, as it is normal for temperatures to suddenly change during this season.

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