Mayor Montserrat Caballero presents her 2024 Revenue Law bill before Congress

The economic program is built on efficient and responsible financial and public debt management

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez presented her 2024 Revenue Law bill before the State Congress of Baja California which is focused on the efficiency and stability of public finances in a responsible and realistic manner.

Accompanied by members of her expanded cabinet, Caballero Ramírez presented her Revenue Law at 1:45 PM.

During her speech before local representatives, the mayor claimed that this project is contemplating a balanced, realistic, and prudent planning system where the wellbeing of the most vulnerable groups is the priority in order to prevent further debt.

Alongside municipal treasurer, Raymundo Vega Andrade, the mayor claimed that based on the 2019-2024 National Development Plan, the economic program for next year is also based on the principles of responsibility and efficiency regarding financial management and public debt.

Caballero Ramírez proposed the strengthening of collection sources without increasing or creating tax rates and efficient and austere public resource management. She mentioned the approval by the Municipal Administration of discounts of 12% in January, 10% in February, and 5% in March when property taxes are paid in time, with an additional 3% if paid online.

In addition, the mayor claimed that the wellbeing of Tijuana's families that contribute to the construction of an economy with greater, more robust, and more stable social cohesion must be protected because "we must serve those who have the most without abandoning those who have the least.”

In front of the President of the State Congress' General Committee, Manuel Guerrero Luna, and other legislators, Caballero Ramírez proposed the strengthening of collection sources without increasing or creating tax rates and an efficient and frugal public resource management.

She recalled emergency situations that occurred during the heavy rains that took place in Tijuana that caused losses and additional costs to the people who have the least in places such as Aguaje de la Tuna 1st section, Herradura Sur, Urbi del Prado II, Terrazas del Rubí, Cañón del Matadero Norte, Fraccionamiento la Sierra, among others.

The first woman to ever be democratically elected to be the municipal president of Tijuana emphasized the importance of facing the challenges left by these natural disasters regarding urban infrastructure, roads, bridges, collapses, and landslides that have put the safety and integrity of citizens at risk.

"We have redoubled our efforts when offering prompt and proper maintenance of public lighting, cleaning, and garbage collection without leaving public security behind, which is why I'm presenting both revenue and expense policies," she underscored.

She pointed out that the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana is aligned under the principle of a responsible and efficient balance budget regarding the management of finances and public debt, following the General Criteria of the 2023 Economic Policy issued by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

Caballero Ramírez highlighted strengthening collection sources, meant to expand tax spaces to finance programs and priority projects for the development and, subsequently, inclusive growth of the economy without causing an imbalance in public finances.

She concluded by saying that this municipal administration is looking to generate a higher fiscal growth without increasing existing tax rates or creating new ones, which is why she will strengthen collections through a greater efficiency from tax administration to reduce tax avoidance and evasion.

During the Q&A session, local congresspeople congratulated the mayor for her Revenue Law project for not creating increases or affecting citizens' wallets, claiming that "Tijuana natives will be proud and happy" due to this project.

They also congratulated mayor Montserrat Caballero for strengthening ISSSTECALI and the wage increases for the police, a historic situation that will greatly benefit the security of the city.

"This budget was made following our austere policy while always looking to improve the lives of Tijuana's citizens. We are also taking into consideration our police officers that was a sector that hadn't been considered in a long time, while also being in harmony with the State Congress and the State Government in carrying out our public policies," the mayor of Tijuana concluded.

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