David Saúl Guakil advises young entrepreneurs in Baja California to "insist, persist, and resist"

The Tijuana native businessman spoke about the hard challenges you face in order to reach success, however, it is necessary to face them to achieve your dreams

David Saúl Guakil, Tijuana native businessman and state delegate of the Movimiento Ciudadano party (MC) had a talk with young entrepreneurs in the city of Playas de Rosarito in which he advised them to "insist, persist, and resist", claiming that the business world is full of challenges and difficulties but, when facing these adversities, they get closer to achieving success.

This weekend, Guakil had a meeting with young people from the orange party, as a part of the series of talks named "Los Retos de Emprender". On Saturday, he met with Jóvenes en Movimiento in Ensenada and on Sunday, he met the young people in Rosarito. During this event’s Q&A session, he recalled how he insisted, persisted, and resisted regarding his business ideas when he was asked if he ever thought about "throwing in the towel" at any point.

Without a doubt, he faced some problems, because when it comes to business, not everything goes perfectly, especially when you begin, the businessman highlighted as he started by selling stuff on the sidewalk of Avenida Revolución. He started selling socks and then watches, and then he worked at warehouses of the now-defunct store Dorians and Importaciones Sara´s "to learn all about the clothing business". He worked 30 years in that industry with the arrival of big chains where you could pay in installments, and then later moved to the real estate business.

He stated that at first, he was labeled as crazy when he announced that he would build an apartment building in Avenida Revolución, as it was considered an area of just bars and restaurants and today there are 17 similar constructions in several spots in the city.

He also said that he had to finance with his own resources and loans from his family and friends the first of these projects because one needs to start from scratch to earn banks' trust. Today, however, "the banks are the ones who look for us and we have the opportunity to choose the ones that give us the best benefits."

That's why his recommendation to young people is to "insist, persist, and resist", because the work is to catch the first opportunity and then "they arrive by themselves."

To be an entrepreneur is not easy, he added, as one faces a lot of difficulties, but when you manage to overcome, success arrives. He also emphasized that people should work on what makes them passionate, because that's the only way they'll be able to overcome the first difficulties which are always the adverse opinions of family relatives and friends.

He also said that though preparing is necessary, he said that he didn't even finish his first semester of college. The same thing happened with two of his three children as what they know "they learned it in the streets", because that's where true knowledge and experience comes from.

David Saúl Guakil stated that one of young people's main difficulties is that when they finish their majors, they have to face a labor market that is asking for experience, which is why he recommended them to study while working and to start at the the bottom, because to reach high places one first needs to know how to do things.

During his talk, which took place on Sunday afternoon at the "Solazo" bar terrace, the delegate of Jóvenes en Movimiento in Playas de Rosarito, Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez Pérez, stated that young people are a high percentage of the voting population and they will have the opportunity to define the 2024 elections, whether they decide to abstain or participate.


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