From Tijuana to Depeche Mode! Couple gives personalized dolls to the band during concert in San Diego

Gabina and Carlos had a unique experience with their favorite group

There are few and very special opportunities when one has the chance to see their favorite artist live, especially in VIP seats. The influence that music has had in our lives is for many something invaluable and unforgettable.

An example of this is a couple who lives in Tijuana, Gabina and Carlos, who this year turned 55 years of age and have been married for 20 years and they wanted to see the famous electronic band Depeche Mode to give them a very special gift.

At first, their goal was to celebrate their anniversary with a Depeche Mode party where they would invite the tribute band Strangelove. However, they decided to travel to New York to see their performance at the Madison Square Garden, all with one just idea in mind.

Gabina explained:

I have a very dear friend of mine from Tijuana and she has magical hands because everything she transforms she makes it into something unique and original. Her name is Yamilet and she has a company that makes dolls called Alfie Dolls. We investigated how these artists were going to dress up this year and she made two dolls with a very unique accuracy. It is all handmade, with outfits, rivets, hanging skulls, embroidered details. It is a masterpiece.

Wanting to give these dolls in person and thanks to a friend who works at a radio in New York who has interviewed Depeche Mode, the plan was to go to a party or give them the dolls at the concert.

Gabina spoke about her failed attempt, as she and her husband were too far away from the stage. Dave and Martin also didn't attend the parties they went to.

Not giving up and wanting to achieve their dream, Gabina and her husband went to the Depeche Mode concert in San Diego. On this occasion, they were able to get VIP places in front of the stage. Carlos told her to catch Martin's attention because he was the most approachable one.

When the artists were saying goodbye, the crucial moment arrived. However, Carlos' cellphone drive was full, which made him go into panic for a few seconds. At the end, the moment was recorded not by them but by other fans.

They were able to catch Martin's attention. They were told to throw the dolls and they were practically able to deliver the dolls to their hands. Clearly, they liked the dolls.

I was incredulous. Is this really happening? I was like a little girl at Disneyland. These are seconds that you remember when you die.

Her husband said:

I remember this moment and it is so blurry, did it happen or not?

Gabina still cannot believe it and she spoke about this story with a light in her eyes:

The moment Martin saw them he loved them, and then he gave Dave his doll. He said goodbye to the public with his hand and with the other hand he was showing off the doll.

It should be noted that the dolls had a letter attached where they thanked them for their music.

Getting a smile out of Depeche Mode was something surreal for Gabina and Carlos who, thanks to the concert's production crew, were able to get the track list of the San Diego concert as a gift, something that will definitely always live in their hearts.


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