Tijuana was the city with the most orange spots in Mexico in 2023

The government led by mayor Montserrat Caballero gave the city 611 orange spots

The Municipal Institute of Women (IMMUJER) ended 2023 with 611 orange spots. This occurred during the administration of the mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, who is looking to increase safe spaces for girls and women who live in the municipality.

The head of IMMUJER, Tanya Alejandra Mota Alvarado, highlighted that the latest facilities that were set up as part of this program are the offices of Proyecto Salesiano A.C. and the Mexican Commission to Help Refugees (COMAR) from the government of Mexico as well as night establishments "Licobar", "Restaurante Savage" and "Cantina Mi Chula".

Mota Alvarado explained that Punto Naranja (Orange Spot) is a strategic security program that was born from the United Nations' campaign "Únete" and it consists of installing a private, public, or educational establishment to safeguard and channel women that have been victims of community violence or harassment in public.

The director of this agency stated that IMMUJER's role is to train the staff of the establishments that are part of this program about gender perspective and prevention of violence against women. They also carry out the proper tasks to make sure this place fulfills the necessary requirements.

Some of these requirements are that they have surveillance cameras and emergency buttons to ask for police officers from the Secretariat of Municipal Security and Citizen Protection (SSPCM), and that the staff is trained for free by IMMUJER.

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