Walmart San Diego announces closure of two stores

Learn if these are any of the branches that you visit regularly

Tijuana natives with a visa regularly go to San Diego to buy items they cannot find in Tijuana or at a lower price. A great example of this is Walmart which has several different branches with a variety of products. However, staff from this company has announced the closure of two of its San Diego stores.

These are the San Diego Walmart stores that will close

According to a Walmart spokesman, two branches in San Diego will close. These are located at:

  • 2121 Imperial Ave. in San Diego
  • 605 Fletcher Parkway in El Cajón


The company shared that they made this decision after not renewing their leasing contracts. The official closure date of both establishments will be on February 9.

Walmart spokesman Brian K. Little said in a statement:

We are grateful to the customers who have given us the privilege of serving them at our San Diego and El Cajon stores. We look forward to continuing to serve them at any of our many locations across the area, on and through delivery to their home or business.

Though Walmart is a business with a strong demand, he claimed that these two specific branches did not fulfill their financial expectations and that leasing contracts could not be renewed with landlords.

More than 350 employees in both stores will have the chance to be transferred to a nearby store and the company claimed that they will support these workers during this process.

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