Payment of $2.078 billion pesos by Municipal Administration of Tijuana accepted by banks

Three of the four payments were made before 12 PM

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, revealed that banks have accepted the payment of $2.078 billion pesos, which means 3 of 4 public debt credits have been settled.

In the morning of Monday, January 22, 2024, the mayor once again has kept her word when she recalled that the 2.290-billion-peso debt obtained on July 25, 2008 by former municipal president Jorge Ramos Hernández has been completely settled.

In the morning broadcast of "Despierta la Esperanza", Caballero Ramírez revealed that the payment of three credits has been completely settled. Two of these were acquired from BBVA and one from BANORTE; regarding the one with BANOBRAS, it is expected that it will be settled in a maximum of three weeks. The 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana is just waiting for the administrative process to go through so that it can be completely paid.

According to the procedure carried out by the municipal treasury, led by Raymundo Vega Andrade, the first two payments to BBVA were made with an exact amount of 817,124,000 pesos at 10:39:09 AM and the second payment was made with an amount of 517,868,827.54 pesos at 10:45:55 AM.

According to receipts made, the third payment, deposited in BANORTE, was for an amount of 744,459,000 pesos at 11:58:57 AM.

Vega Andrade clarified that, regarding the payment of the BANOBRAS credit, they are just waiting for bank executives to determine the administrative process so that the transfer can be made, which is why the municipal government has these resources ready to make the payment.

The treasurer also clarified that of the 427 million pesos available for public debt payments in 2024, it is expected that the mayor and her cabinet will determine how to use this resource, as it is considered in the 2024 budget.

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