Tourism in Rosarito will be boosted by new committee made up of former presidents of COTUCO

At the swearing-in ceremony of the general committee that will preside in 2024, the creation of a new advisory committee made up of former presidents of COTUCO was revealed

César Rivera, president of COTUCO Rosarito, announced the creation of the Advisory Committee, which will be made up exclusively of former presidents of this committee, whose goal will be to preserve successful actions that previous administrations managed to implement to benefit tourism in the region.

This announcement was made at the swearing-in ceremony of the general committee of COTUCO that will be chaired in 2024, which will consist of vice president, Juan Santana Bosquet, secretary Gabriela Rincón Sotelo, and treasurer Andrés Gómez Nájera.

Representing the mayor of Playas de Rosarito, Araceli Brown, councilor Stephanie Gay Pequeño was present and said the following regarding the actions that this delegation will carry out:

I recognize the great work by COTUCO, their vast experience in tourism matters and promotion of the city. I trust that their contributions will boost our city, and that they will be the push of an economic revenue boost.

In addition, she said that with joint work from the three levels of government and with the enthusiasm they are known for, they will be able to make of Playas de Rosarito a destination with an ecotourist beach, with a wide variety of offerings for national, foreign, business, and service visitors.

New Advisory Committee of former presidents of COTUCO

The president of COTUCO Rosarito said that the creation of the new committee came up due to the series of changes that occur after every administration, which means that actions implemented with positive results tend to get lost.

The committee has as goal to preserve this progress and to give continuity to projects that have had positive results.

On the other hand, they are also trying to make the best of the experience of these former presidents to prevent bad decisions, based on past results.

Representing the new committee of former presidents of COTUCO, the following people were present: Juvenal Arias, Manuel Padrés Pérez-Verdía, Edgar Antonio Orozco Zamora, and representing businessman Francisco Bautista Sánchez, was his son, Alan Bautista Plascencia, all of whom were given a recognition due to their contribution to the tourism industry of the region.

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